ekito & Kotlin at Toulouse DevFest

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We are very proud to have been selected to speak at the 1st DevFest Toulouse.
DevFest is a full day dedicated to technical conferences and startups meetings.


The event will be on November 3rd, 2016 at IUT de Blagnac.

Some of the key speakers:


You can see the full agenda here.


“Come see me talk at DevFest about Kotlin and its killer features!


My session, “Develop a reactive Android app with Kotlin” offers to discover the language and its killer features.
We will see how this new JVM language boost the productivity of Android application development and how it helps to keep smart with your development.

You can still purchase your ticket here.


Update: I shared the slides of my talk and a Kotlin cheat sheet here.

Arnaud Giuliani Author: Arnaud Giuliani

French Java Software Tech, create and run #java #server gears (distributed and other under the hood stuffs). Also like to make #android apps

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