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Activist for usability, performance and interoperability of systems.

My favorite quote : "The best feature is the one we don't need to develop !"

My hashtags : #windchill #java #talend #nodejs #angularjs #oss #docker

Arnaud Giuliani
Arnaud Giuliani

Making your Android app reactive

I recently had the opportunity to rewrite one customer’s Android app. The solution were stuck up with components coupling, complicated thread synchronization and problematic callbacks system. The components were not testable, constraint to random coordination of used sub systems (bluetooth, network calls…). The best way … Continue reading (7 minutes)

Bert Poller
Bert Poller

What’s the fuss about FaaS?

The recent blog post about Serverless Architectures by Mike Roberts caught my attention. Furthermore, ekito recently developed, a video on demand service whose technical architecture is serverless. Consequently I decided to have my own take on Serverless Architectures based on FaaS (Functions as a … Continue reading (12 minutes)