We are a company builder: an incubator that co-create with you!

We are running two incubators:

the GrandBuilder

The GrandBuilder is a generalist incubator, in Toulouse.
It has been selected to be a partner incubator of the French Tech Ticket program.

the BlueBuilder

The BlueBuilder is for startups focused on Ocean, Surf & Action Sports, in Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

Logo Blue Builder

We recruits startups, entrepreneurs and changemakers.


We help you iterate and improve your visionbuild and sell.

We help you get focus by making sales your priority.
We push you to be closer to your customers, segment them and re-engage them.

Sell Build Iterate


A startup that only has users and no customers is not a startup.
Or a startup about to die.


As a startuper, you need to be a pirate!


We really believe in bootstrapping, but when needed, we connect you with VCs.
When it makes sense, we help you partner with big corporations.

We aren’t huge fans of pitches. We are more focused on product and metrics.
If needed, we help you improve your pitch. We love making you hear what messages people catch from your pitch… usually less than you think!

Lean Canvas Post-its

Back to Basics


We are very lean. Even in our personal lives.
We love fast learning. We have seen many times that too much certitude is dangerous. We prefer experiments.


We evangelize for a more sane approach to failure.
We host the FailCon conference.


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