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This second edition of AndroidMakers was this week at Le Beffroi of Montrouge (Paris). This was an amazing edition with an excellent agenda (can be viewed here), in a great venue. In a few numbers:  816 people, 82 speakers, 34 organizers 👍

This year we were speakers at AndroidMakers for the 2nd time. In 2017 we were presenting Kotlin for the Android developers, just before Google approved it as an official language. For this 2nd edition we were presenting our “Android Architecture & Architecture Components” workshop:

Ready to rock! 🙂

Android developers, we propose you to come experiment the MVP & MVVM Android architectures! From a simple Android app, we will work on why and how to implement architectures principles. We will see how to go from MVP to MVVM with Android Architecture Components.

At the agenda: Kotlin, RxJava, Refactoring, Unit Tests and Android architecture components & Koin.


Making such workshop with Florina Muntenescu from Google was just an awesome experience (Thank you very much Florina for your help and support 🙂). This was also a good way of showing Koin framework to Android developers.

This session has been greatly appreciated and organizers have been forced to close the room quickly before we start the presentation (sorry guys):

“like a lot of talks since yesterday, big success for this talk”


A great thanks to the organizers for such an event!  See you next year! 🙂 🍺

Arnaud Giuliani Author: Arnaud Giuliani

French Java Software Tech, create and run #java #server gears (distributed and other under the hood stuffs). Also like to make #android apps

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