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we design, build, and grow solutions
that matter.

We are a solution studio.
We are technology experts, changemakers and business facilitators.
We produce startups and deliver advanced services to the most innovative organizations.

we create solutions for actors big and small
with tech, entrepreneurship, business, design & strategy.
ekito partners
ekito improves
For a multinational e-commerce corporation

On a major IT overhaul (architecture, development tooling, strategy), ekito provided technical expertise and feedback, realized early prototypes, studied and selected technologies and finally trained teams across several countries.
For a major weather forecaster

ekito monitors trends in different technology domains, curates related online articles and organises seminars, involving all ekito team members as well as its wider network of experts.
Subjects: Big data & data management, IoT, mobile development, news trends in development technologies, IT Governance, Open Source Economy, , IT Security, IS Architecture, High Performance Computing
For a startup that hacks Facebook for a good cause

For a startup that hacks Facebook for a good cause ekito audited the source code, emitted security recommendations, developed web browser extensions, provided deployment and company funding advice.
ekito designs better
For an airline company

ekito helped to make its organization more agile, to innovate and to redesign its public facing mobile app that integrates with the airline’s global information system (flight planning, registration, realtime arrival and departures, frequent flyer program …)
For a startup creating a revolutionary collaborative tool

ekito sketched, built design strategies and transformed wordings and story definitions to user experiences. ekito provided advice on public funding strategies and on development approaches, methodologies and best practices.
For an international space research consortium

ekito studied the feasibility of agile methodologies for one of the biggest space research consortiums counting about 100 laboratories around the world, representing more than 1.000 scientists, with missions lasting for the next 25 years.
ekito accelerates
Startup on innovative sensing systems

ekito forms a mixed team of the startup’s and our own people. We accelerate the startup in terms of working methods, strategy, but also technically by developing an MVP or UX design, we also host the startup with our team.
Online Gaming Startup

ekito developed a technical solution, delivered within agreed delays and without reserves of French regulatory autorithies. ekito also adviced the startup on strategic issues and helped launching the project on time for the soccer world cup.
Industry leading pure player in Aeronautics

ekito studied & prototyped a ground-air messaging solution for future aircraft generations. Activites comprised the design and technical proof of concept of a messaging server federation compliant with specific network topologies, security and communication contraints imposed by aircraft design.
the team
Some of our 40 experts: lean startup & agility experts, brand designers, UX designers, senior developers, entrepreneurs, business developers, hackers, company culture, startupers, software craftsmen, creatives and makers…
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For accelerated startups
focused on Ocean, Surf & Action Sports
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