Question 18
jeannebaldi ask :
Do you work for customers everywhere?
ekito’s reply :
Well, the world is flat. We mainly work in France but have also worldwide missions. So far we have worked in Italy, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Canada, Morocco, UK, US, Denmark, Tunisia, Greece, …). In the US for example, we have worked with eBay, in Italy for ESA, in UK with Jido…
Our team is multicultural. We are always very happy to work in foreign countries and especially with countries where we haven’t work yet before
Question 17
jin.tag ask :
Do you contribute to open source projects others than yours?
ekito’s reply :
Yes we do! For example, we have contributed to iceScrum, one of the first open source Scrum management tools. We also contribute to projects like Grails, Talend, and many more
Question 16
fabrice ask :
What does the name ekito stand for?
ekito’s reply :
The name ekito comes from the word “equitable” which means “fair” in french. We are convinced that the right service and expertise can only be provided through transparent, ethic and fair involvement of our team and ecosystem.
Question 15
philn ask :
So what are your areas of expertise?
ekito’s reply :
We are experts on recent technologies and methodologies but also on design and entrepreneurship. All people of ekito are at least recognized speakers, contributors or bloggers on their domain of knowledge. They do not only know the theory but put their savoir-faire regularly into practice. Read our blog (link) to have an idea what we are working on!
Question 14
jpeteer ask :
For things not in your scope, what do you do?
ekito’s reply :
If we cannot do something, we say it – straight away. If necessary, we can reach out in our network of experts to find the right person that fits the job. For example, managing press relations for startups, SEO expertise, or application hosting, are not our core competences, but we know the right people who can do it.
Question 13
m2ee ask :
What kind of tools do you use?
ekito’s reply :
We use Post-Its (lots of them actually), lean canvas, Trello, Git, Dropbox, Podio, and of course many others that we deem fit for the job to be done.
Question 12
tguillaumot ask :
What is your favorite color?
ekito’s reply :
We love Monty Python, and our favorite color is actually blue.
Question 11
norman.gauld ask :
I have seen on twitter that you buy many technological gadgets to study them. Can we see them?
ekito’s reply :
Yes, for example, we have SigFox cards, NFC tags and the readers that come with it, IBeacons, RaspberyPI, A whole zoo of Arduino boards, a 3D printer, an Oculus Rift, some Vuzix VR glasses, some Kinects, Leap Motions, etc. and very soon Mother Sen.se and Play-i. You can come to ekito to see them in action or read our blog!
Question 10
patneel ask :
I want to organize an event, how can I have access to ekito’s places where events are proposed?
ekito’s reply :
Great idea, if your event is non-profit and related with Startups, tech, or community work, just contact us, we are very happy to host it. It’s free of charge for you because we are convinced that we need to contribute to communities and also our own ecosystem. We believe it is a good thing to share knowledge! We already host events for Cocoaheads, Software Craftsmen, Ecconne and many more but also private workshops of non-profit organizations, such as Combustible, Agile Federation, Agile Toulouse …
Question 9
pascal.seguat ask :
I have heard about a media studio located in the grand builder?
ekito’s reply :
Oh yes we are lucky, we will probaly have a professionnal media studio to record sound, take pictures and do small movies at home! You will be able to rent it for advertising, product presentation, or any other multimedia production. We can also propose, if necessary, the required competencies to do the right job for you (sound engineer, photograph, …).
Question 8
pascal.seguat ask :
I want to co-work with you is it possible?
ekito’s reply :
Yes you can! We have a co-working program for very involved people! Come and see us to learn more about it!
Question 7
steff ask :
There are plenty events at ekito, are they free of entry? Are they listed somewhere?
ekito’s reply :
For the moment, follow us on Twitter to have the full list of them along the tweets. And yes you can come! Most of events are free of entry for everyone. Just remember that sometimes the access to specific events is limited to a technically aware audience